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1. Coated sand shell casting:Cover the sand mixed with resin on the pre-heated metal template. The resin is heated to meltand then form a shell. Remove the sand mold after baking and hardening. It can be used for mold casting.
Features and Uses: 
Significantly reduce the amount of sand.
The casting bodies will be with clear outline, smooth surface, accurate dimension and IT8-10 grade tolerance. Therefor, the castings will need no or very little machining allowance.

This kind of shell casting is particularly suitable for kinds of casting bodies with large quantities, high dimension accuracy, thin casting wall and complex shapes.

2: The Lost Foam casting process originated in 1958 when H.F. Shroyer was granted a patent for a cavity-less casting method, using a polystyrene foam pattern embedded in traditional green sand. The polystyrene foam pattern left in the sand is decomposed by the poured molten metal. The metal replaces the foam pattern, exactly duplicating all of the features of the original pattern. Like other investment casting methods, this requires that a pattern be produced for every casting poured because it is evaporated (“lost”) in the process.

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