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Melting used in Medium Frequency Induction Furnace

Smelting iron is an important part in the production of casting parts. Quality, appearance and forming defects,etc, all of these have direct relationship with iron liquid factor. The chemical components of smelting iron must conform to the requirements.

Melt temperature according to different grades casting iron pouring temperature range roughly 1330-1410 degree. In general, the melting temperature of iron liquid 50 degree at least more than that of pouring temperature, therefore, according to the cast iron grades ( from HT100-350) and the structure of the casting condition, the melt temperature should be not less than 1380-1460 degree. As for the ductile casting iron and other modification treatment of cast iron, in the spheroidizing inoculation process of iron liquid temperature will have a significant decline. In order to compensate the temperature loss of melten iron, we need to increase the melt temperature of iron liquid.

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